About Us

I have never been much of a writer so my friend Alise summed up the start of Walter & George for me...


Neither of us went to college. Then, summer 2014 happened. We were in our late 20s, still single, and terribly broke and decided to be room mates. Like actual room mates. We chalked it up to being the dorm experience we never had. I was a bartender and Mel worked at a local surf shop. We rarely saw each other, except in the morning. Where I'd find her sitting Indian style on our living room floor, watching Law & Order SVU, and messing with leather. But, really, whenever she was home she was sitting on that floor watching SVU and working on Walter & George. And she had no idea what she was doing. She'd make the 30 minute drive south to buy supplies, come home, open some 2 Buck Chuck, and work til her fingers bled. I think it was the first Laura Clutch that got us both excited. Like, "Hey, this is actually really good stuff!" It's not always easy to keep going, especially when you can barely afford to buy what you need to get your brand started. But she did.

Eventually, it wasn't just leather goods she was figuring out, but also websites, coding, spreadsheets, and marketing. When I asked her why she wanted to start W & G, she said "I couldn't afford to buy myself a leather bag, so I decided to make one. You shouldn't have to go in debt to have cool things." I think only Olivia Benson could have said it better.

By Alise Alicardi aka room mate in the truest form